Stop Advanced Threats
Organizations face a barrage of attacks by threat actors driven by a variety of motives, including profit, ideology/hacktivism, or even organizational discontent. Attackers’ tactics continue to evolve, and traditional IPS solutions have not been able to keep pace and effectively protect organizations. To prevent intrusions, malware and command-and-control at each stage of its lifecycle and shut down advanced threats, Threat Prevention accelerates the security capabilities of our next-generation firewalls, protecting the network from advanced threats by identifying and scanning all traffic – applications, users, and content – across all ports and protocols.
Prevent threats on your Next Generation Firewall
Eliminate single-purpose IPS solutions by automatically stopping exploits, malware, spyware, and C2.
Automation Daily threat intelligence is automatically curated, delivered to the NGFW and implemented by Threat Prevention to stop all threats
Simplicity Reduce resources, complexity and latency by automatically blocking known malware, vulnerability exploits, and C2 using existing hardware and security teams
Performance Powerful IPS capabilities, including Snort support, single pass architecture and policy management provide full threat detection and prevention without sacrificing performance
Consistent protection regardless of location
Across hardware, software and NGFW form factors
What it means for you
Threat Prevention works hand in hand with other Palo Alto Networks security subscriptions to:
Prevent known threats on any NGFW in any location
Protect against vulnerabilities, malware, spyware, C2 and malicious domains
Extend overall C2 protection with DNS Security
Prevent unknown file-based threats inline with ML from WildFire
Prevent unknown web-based threats inline with ML from URL Filtering
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