Get 3x Faster Security with 4th Generation Palo Alto Networks NGFWs

Feb 09, 2022
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Now more than ever, organizations are looking for high-performance network security solutions that meet the needs of modern enterprises and match the speed of cyber threat actors. The explosion of SaaS and cloud-based apps has resulted in a significant increase in network traffic, with much of that traffic including sensitive data or accessing information that was traditionally hidden deep in the data center. As a result, organizations increasingly rely on encryption to protect data in motion. Encrypted traffic, which now makes up to 81% of web traffic and 56% of internal traffic, can enable safer, more secure communications.

At the same time, encrypted traffic also presents opportunities for attackers to bypass network security defenses. Cybercriminals can use encrypted traffic to their advantage to obscure their presence and evade detection, whether delivering never-before-seen malware or exfiltrating stolen data. With cybercriminals now able to penetrate 93% of company networks due to unknown and unstoppable tactics, it’s clear that network security fundamentally needs a shift in approach.

Introducing the PA-3400 and PA-5400 Series Next-Generation Firewalls

To successfully protect against modern-day threats, organizations require network security solutions tools that are purpose-built to apply decryption and use the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze vast threat data, block sophisticated attacks, and stop zero-day attacks, as well as known threats. Today, we’re proud to announce Palo Alto Networks continues the momentum of its 4th generation hardware with PA-3400 and PA-5400 Series ML-Powered NGFWs, offering 3x faster security in a smaller package. These new NGFWs join our other 4th generation PA-400 Series and PA-5450 Series NGFWs to provide unprecedented protection for the data center, campus, branch and enterprise edge.

Get 3x Faster Security with the 4th Generation of Palo Alto Networks NGFWs

Two new ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall models enable Zero Trust network security across your enterprise with much to offer:

Smaller Footprint, Bigger Performance

Now get 3x the security performance with a smaller footprint, thanks to more efficient and faster architecture that employs modern multi-core processors.

Stop Zero-Day Threats in ZERO TIME with PAN-OS 10.2 Nebula

New 4th generation NGFWs use Nebula, the 10.2 release of our industry-leading PAN-OS software, to stop the most evasive phishing, ransomware and DNS-based threats more effectively and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Unleash up to 3x faster ML-powered security with up to 7x higher content inspection per core and up to 38 high-performance cores.
  • Prevent threats hiding in encrypted traffic with up to 3x decryption performance with built-in hardware crypto assist.
  • Make your IT infrastructure more efficient and sustainable. Up to 50% reduction in rack space usage makes your datacenter or co-location footprint smaller; more energy efficient firewalls make you more environment-friendly.

New Hardware Platform Releases

This release expands the portfolio of our firewalls by adding two new hardware platforms.

Palo Alto Networks PA-3400 Series Nebula hardware

Meet the PA-3400 Series

The new PA-3400 Series offers 3x the security performance in a 1-rack unit (RU) compact form factor. With threat performance ranging from 5.9 to 12.7 Gbps, and flexible connectivity options with 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G interfaces, the PA-3400 Series is ideal for protecting internet edge and campus locations.

Palo Alto Networks PA-5400 Series Nebula hardware

Meet the PA-5400 Series

The new PA-5400 Series offers 3x the security performance in a 2-rack unit (RU) compact form factor. With threat performance ranging from 23.5 to 40.9 Gbps, and flexible connectivity options with 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G interfaces, the PA-5400 Series is ideal for protecting data centers and large campus locations.

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Our NGFWs are powered by PAN-OS 10.2 Nebula and are built with the same Single Pass architecture that is at the core of all of our ML-Powered NGFW platforms. This unique architecture – and the innovation it drives – has enabled Palo Networks to be named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Network Firewalls for the tenth time in a row.

Join us on March 22 as industry experts and our executives discuss the next innovations in network security with PAN-OS Nebula and hardware. Register now for Stop Zero-Day Threats in Zero Time with Nebula.

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