The modern enterprise requires total cloud security
As enterprises modernize their software development pipelines and embrace cloud native architectures, they quickly discover a cloud security landscape fragmented with disparate approaches to security that lack consistency in controls across applications, data and infrastructure. The cloud security market is at an inflection point where a radical and unified approach to cloud security for applications, information and infrastructure will look current and relevant for enterprise customers.
Unlock the full potential of the cloud
Comprehensive security
  • Enable an integrated set of security capabilities across your entire cloud native technology stack, including apps, data, network, compute, storage, users and PaaS services.
  • Maintain consistent security and compliance control across any cloud native technology and identify and prevent threats and anomalous activities.
Enable DevSecOps
  • Automate security across the entire application lifecycle, and implement frictionless security controls as part of your CI/CD pipelines.
  • Leverage continuous vulnerability intelligence and automated risk prioritization across your entire cloud native stack and throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Investigate any resource and quickly determine the root cause of misconfigurations.
Consistent security across the cloud
  • Ensure consistent security and compliance across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments and simplify security operations by gaining deep, cross-cloud security visibility.
  • Enforce security policy management across multi and hybrid cloud deployments of cloud native applications and perform incident investigations.
Security for cloud native architectures
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Protection for cloud environments
See all the environments and platforms we secure here.
AWS Protection for applications and data across AWS - including EC2, ECS and Lambda functions.
Microsoft Azure Protection for your applications and data across Microsoft Azure - including AKS, ACR or Azure Functions.
Google Cloud Platform Protection for your applications and data across Google Cloud Platform - including Anthos, GKE, and serverless functions