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75% of infusion pumps have unpatched vulnerabilities

Vulnerable medical devices are putting vulnerable patients at risk.

Protecting patients requires protecting devices

Healthcare providers invest in medical devices because they save lives, but they come with critical security risks. Unseen vulnerable devices, access based on implicit trust, limited threat protection, and operational complexity make it hard to defend healthcare networks.

You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See

Learn the six essential steps to protect every medical IoT device in your network.
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Introducing Medical IoT Security, the most comprehensive Zero Trust solution for medical devices

Quickly discover and assess every device

Quickly discover and assess every device

Discover 90% of devices in the first 48 hours. Use machine learning with our leading App-ID™ technology and crowdsourced telemetry to profile all devices for continuous device discovery, profiling, and risk assessment. Know the risk posture of every connected medical device by evaluating vulnerabilities, including MDS2 security information, SBoM attributes, ePHI, patch level, FDA recalls, Unit 42® threat intelligence, third-party vulnerability information, CVEs data, and more. Track medical device usage and discover critical operational insights such as device operating hours, scan insights, average use, vendor remote maintenance activity, device location, and more. Find compliance gaps mapped to the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Easily segment and enforce least privilege access

Easily segment and enforce least privilege access

Easily separate critical medical devices from the rest of your network by creating granular, context-rich segmentation policies to prevent lateral movement of threats across vulnerable devices. Get automated Zero Trust policy recommendations using extensive, continually updated, and crowdsourced data from thousands of clinical devices together with an analysis of your own network and devices. Easily enforce policies with Palo Alto Networks or NAC enforcement technologies with one click. This eliminates error-prone and time-consuming manual policy creation and scales easily across a set of devices with the same profile.

Protect against known and unknown threats

Protect against known and unknown threats

Only Medical IoT Security leverages our best in class advanced threat prevention capabilities to stop known and unknown threats from reaching your vulnerable medical devices. Medical IoT Security prevents Zero-day threats with inline ML deep learning and instant IoT behavior anomaly detection. The solution natively integrates into security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) systems for a playbook-based incident response (IR) process.

Simplify operations

Simplify your operations

Medical IoT Security provides 15X faster deployment time. You need your team to spend time on security, not set-up. Using Medical IoT Security as a service with the Palo Alto Networks ML-Powered NGFWs or Prisma Access, your infrastructure and security teams become medical IoT-aware within minutes. Medical IoT Security eliminates medical device blind spots across your existing IT and security solutions with playbook-driven, built-in integrations. Our simplified cloud delivery means Medical IoT Security can be deployed across any architecture without requiring multiple sensors and network redesign.

Automate Zero Trust and protect IoT devices better and faster

Most Medical IoT security solutions take weeks to install and configure, and even more time to maintain. Medical IoT Security does it faster and it’s cloud delivered. Just turn it on.

  • 70X


  • 15X


  • 20X



Medical IoT Security - designed to secure healthcare devices

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