Palo Alto Networks Leads the Pack in KuppingerCole's ASM Leadership Compass

Sep 21, 2023
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We are thrilled to announce that Cortex® Xpanse™ from Palo Alto Networks has been recognized as the leader of leaders in the recent attack surface management (ASM) market evaluation conducted by KuppingerCole. The evaluation included a comprehensive set of criteria under the categories of Product Leadership, Innovation Leadership, and Market Leadership. Not only did Palo Alto Networks stand out, but we led all other vendors under consideration across all categories.

Any organization searching for ASM solutions should have Palo Alto Networks Xpanse on their shortlist for consideration." - KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Attack Surface Management, 2023

Figure 1: Overall Leaders in LC Attack Surface Management
Figure 1: Overall Leaders in LC Attack Surface Management


Standout Leader Across All Categories

Cortex Xpanse from Palo Alto Networks has been recognized as a standout leader, excelling in Product Leadership, Innovation Leadership, and Market Leadership.

Additionally, Xpanse also received a “Strong positive” rating for key product capabilities across security, functionality, interoperability, and usability. Below are excerpts from the report on critical aspects of attack surface management:

Attack Surface Discovery

“Xpanse scans the entire internet [multiple times] daily, including customer owned IPv6 ranges. Xpanse scans customer assets continuously rather than periodically. It can take in information from third-party sources, and it uses multiple discovery techniques including IP registrations, ASN advertisements, certificate analysis, and DNS analysis…. The asset search interface allows querying by many factors, such as … cloud ID, ASM ID, hostname, type, IP, domain, certificate, custom tags, and more.”

Attack Surface Enumeration

“The Active Risk Prioritization functionality provides vital information such as threat summaries, vulnerability details, and potential exploit context if issues are not fixed. Incident scoring enables security teams to utilize adaptive risk scores, based on threat and exploit intelligence, to prioritize and concentrate their efforts on the exposures most susceptible to attacks.”

Attack Surface Remediation

“The Active Response playbook options include auto-correlation of exposure per asset (including resources in IaaS [infrastructure as a service]), enriching alerts with business criticality information, setting up manual actions for confirmation, automatically reducing attack surface exposure by reconfiguring network routing rules in IaaS, and creating tickets in Jira or ServiceNow ITSMs. Once complete, it provides an investigation report.”

If you're looking for an ASM solution, why look past #1? Contact us and let us show you why over 10% of the global internet is being managed using Xpanse.

To learn more about attack surface management and why you need Xpanse, read KuppingerCole's 2023 Leadership Compass Report for Attack Surface Management.


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