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ONLY Cortex Delivers 100% Protection and Detection in MITRE Engenuity

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Proven Endpoint Protection

Safeguard your endpoints with best-in-class NGAV, device control, disk encryption and host firewall.


To secure what's next, you need AI-powered security that's continually learning. You face endless hurdles in your pursuit to secure your endpoints.

  • Legacy endpoint security has failed

    Instead of blocking advanced attacks, legacy antivirus slows down endpoint performance with frequent AV scans.

  • Adversaries are evolving faster than endpoint protection

    Threat actors can evade traditional antivirus with obfuscation, memory-only malware and fileless attacks.

  • Ransomware can bypass traditional defenses

    REvil, Maze and other ransomware use targeted techniques to infect multiple hosts and demand ever-increasing ransom payments.

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Cortex XDR stopped the SolarWinds attack.

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The CORTEX XDR Solution

Stop stealthy threats with AI and behavioral analysis

When it comes to endpoint security, don’t just check the boxes. Choose a solution that outsmarts the world’s most advanced threat actors and innovates faster than your adversaries. Cortex XDR provides everything you need to secure your endpoints.
  • Rock-solid malware prevention powered by machine learning
  • A cloud-delivered agent that deploys in minutes
  • The industry’s best combined MITRE ATT&CK protection and detection scores
  • Next-gen antivirus
    Next-gen antivirus
  • Host firewall
    Host firewall
  • Disk encryption
    Disk encryption
  • Device control
    Device control
  • Vulnerability assessment
    Vulnerability assessment

Why Cortex XDR for endpoint protection

Defeat attacks with machine learning

Antivirus signatures can’t keep up with fast-moving threats. You can eliminate known and unknown malware with AI-powered security that continuously evolves to stop new attacks.

  • AI-driven local analysis

    Analyze thousands of attributes of a file to correctly find and block malware.

  • Up-to-date ML models

    Tap into a high-performance machine learning framework and an expansive ML training set, powered by WildFire threat intelligence, to halt emerging threats.

Defeat attacks with machine learning

Shield endpoints with encryption and firewall

To lower your risk and meet compliance requirements, you need to reduce the attack surface of your endpoints. Now, you can get it all with a single endpoint agent that blocks attacks while simultaneously delivering a full suite of endpoint protection features.

  • Device Control

    Securely manage USB devices and protect your endpoints from malware and data loss.

  • Firewall and Disk Encryption

    Protect endpoint data by controlling network access and managing BitLocker® and FileVault® encryption policies on your endpoints.

Shield endpoints with encryption and firewall

Block sophisticated attacks with end-to-end protection

Cortex XDR detects and stops each step of an endpoint attack, from the initial reconnaissance and exploit to runtime analysis with our unique Behavioral Threat Protection engine. A deep network inspection engine blocks the spread of network threats, such as worms, while a ransomware protection module blocks ransomware attacks as they occur.

Reduce Risk and Prevent Data Loss With a Full Endpoint Protection Suite

The Cortex XDR agent allows you to monitor and secure USB access without needing to install another agent on your hosts. You can secure endpoint data with host firewall and disk encryption. Vulnerability assessment, included with Host Insights, provides real-time visibility into vulnerability exposure and current patch levels across your endpoints.

Vulnerability Assessment
Host Firewall
Disk Encryption
Device Control

Ease deployment and lighten the load on your endpoints

Get industry-best endpoint protection without bogging down endpoints with constant scans or slowing down network performance with large signature updates. The cloud-delivered Cortex XDR agent starts protecting your endpoints immediately without requiring a reboot.

  • Cloud management

    Easily control all your endpoints without needing to set up on-premises log servers and management systems.

  • A single, lightweight agent

    Block attacks without overburdening endpoints. Take advantage of scheduled peer-to-peer updates to avoid network impact. Optional AV scans are supported for compliance.

Ease deployment and lighten the load on endpoints

Unlock the value of extended detection and response

Adversaries could be dwelling anywhere in your organization – they don’t limit their attacks to managed endpoints. By gathering and stitching together data from across your organization, you’ll gain complete visibility, eliminate blind spots, and root out advanced threats.

  • ML-driven detection

    Uncover in-progress attacks with analytics and out-of-the-box correlation rules, so you can triage and contain threats before the damage is done.

  • Swift investigation and response

    Simplify analysis by getting a complete picture of every attack with incident management.

Unlock the value of extended detection and response

Bolster your defenses, maximize performance

Cortex XDR
Cortex XDR

Elevate your endpoint protection

  • Stop malware with best-in-class prevention

  • Block the exploits that lead to breaches

  • Get full endpoint protection with one lightweight agent

  • Simplify operations with cloud deployment