Safeguard endpoints with next-gen antivirus

To stay ahead of fast-moving threats, you need AI-powered endpoint security that's continuously learning

Legacy antivirus burdens local systems and simply can’t outpace advanced threats. Relying on signatures to identify attacks, outdated antivirus isn’t equipped to block sophisticated new adversaries.

No longer relying solely on malware, adversary strategies have evolved to include a broad set of automated, targeted and sophisticated attacks that can bypass traditional endpoint protection.

WastedLocker, Samsa and other ransomware use targeted attack techniques to rapidly infect hosts. To stop ransomware, you need to block every step of an attack, including hard-to-detect lateral movement, and quickly restore compromised hosts if needed.

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How We Can Help You

Our approach to endpoint protection

Complete & Cloud-Delivered

Stop more threats and ease deployment

Get industry-best exploit prevention and behavior-based protection to block advanced malware, exploits and fileless attacks. Achieve consistent, coordinated security across your organization by integrating next-generation antivirus with your existing Palo Alto Networks security products.

Managed Threat Hunting
Host Insights

Intelligent & Automated

Defeat attacks with machine learning

To stay ahead of fast-moving threats, you need AI-powered solutions that block known attacks and continuously learn new techniques. You can eliminate never-before-seen malware variants with laser accuracy using up-to-date machine learning models.
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Managed Threat Hunting
Host Insights

Powerful & Comprehensive

Reduce your attack surface

To lower your risks and address regulatory requirements, you need rock-solid endpoint controls. Now, you can get it all with a single endpoint agent that eliminates attacks while simultaneously delivering USB device control, disk encryption, and host firewall. Get peace of mind with broad protection.
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Managed Threat Hunting
Host Insights

Integrated & Extensible

Unlock extended detection and response

Adversaries could be dwelling anywhere in your organization--they do not limit their attacks to your managed endpoints. By gathering and stitching together data from across your organization, you’ll gain complete visibility, eliminate blind spots and root out the stealthiest threats.

Managed Threat Hunting
Host Insights

Our Products

Elevate your endpoint protection


Bolster your defenses, maximize performance

  • Stop malware with best-in-class prevention

  • Block the exploits that lead to breaches

  • Get a full endpoint protection suite

  • Unify security with one, lightweight agent

  • Simplify operations with cloud deployment


Extend your endpoint protection

Managed Threat Hunting

  • 24/7 monitoring by experts
  • Threat intelligence
  • Comprehensive Cortex XDR data
  • Unit 42 threat hunters
  • Detailed, actionable reports

Host Insights

  • Vulnerability management
  • Search and destroy
  • Host inventory
  • Full application visibility
  • Asset view for host analysis

Crypsis Incident Response

  • Rapid deployment
  • Intelligent discovery
  • Deep investigations
  • Complete containment
  • Protection from future attacks

Why Choose Cortex XDR?

Ironclad protection with AI-driven local analysis
Signature-based security with minimal zero-day protection
Broad endpoint protection suite features included standard
Complex or separate firewall, device control & encryption
Flexible response with scripting & direct endpoint access
Minimal response focused on block lists and quarantine
Single, integrated agent with low performance impact
Burdensome agents that frequently scan endpoints
Coverage for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android & ChromeOS
Incomplete or outdated operating system support
Cloud-delivered management to streamline operations
Complicated mix of cloud and on-premises management
Enterprise-wide security with extended detection & response
Siloed, endpoint-only protection

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