Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) for High Tech

You can’t defend what you don’t understand. Discover, classify and protect data across all clouds.
Visibility, Compliance and Governance Front

Data is the DNA of innovation 

For today’s high-velocity, high-tech companies, it’s crucial to secure the DNA of innovation: data. Take a comprehensive approach to staying compliant, protecting customer data and securing your company’s future by partnering with Prisma® Cloud.

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Get agentless protection for your most valuable data assets

Your high-tech organization depends on data to empower future innovation. But keeping data safe has never been so critical. Get the support you need to ensure sensitive data stays protected with comprehensive DSPM from Prisma Cloud.
  • Complete data visibility and compliance across all clouds
  • One platform to monitor and secure all your data
  • Confidence to securely scale data and AI innovation
  • Data visibility patching
    Data discovery and classification 
  • Profiling
    Data risk analysis
  • Compliance
    Data privacy and compliance
  • Identity access manager
    Data access governance
  • Identity access manager (IAM) II
    Data detection and response (DDR) 
  • Shield against malware
    Malware prevention

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Simplify data privacy, risk analysis and data access governance

Explore Prisma Cloud DSPM capabilities to learn how you can gain visibility and control of sensitive data across multicloud deployments — from data discovery, privacy and governance to risk detection and response — from a single unified platform.

data discovery and classification
data risk analysis
data privacy and compliance
data access governance
data detection and response
malware prevention
data discovery and classification

Data visibility patching

Find and contextualize your most sensitive data.

  • Automate data classification using 100+ prebuilt or customizable classifiers.
  • Achieve full agentless mapping of your sensitive data and risk faster than ever.
  • Ensure data residency compliance by scanning and classifying data in your account.
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data risk analysis


Continuously monitor, identify and prioritize vulnerabilities.

  • Get visibility into at-risk data — structured and unstructured — across your environment.
  • Uncover risky data flows and misconfigurations using prebuilt and custom policies.
  • Apply policies wherever your data lives with a unified, continuously updated policy engine.
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data privacy and compliance


Understand how data is replicated or consumed across your environment.

  • Monitor data flows to identify sensitive data at rest, in use and in motion.
  • Get notifications about data flows putting you at risk of compliance violations.
  • Prevent breaches by seeing where data is moving and who can access it.
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data access governance

Identity access manager (IAM) I

Create accountability and prevent unauthorized access to your data.

  • Visualize your sensitive data by mapping all entities with access permissions.
  • Receive automatic alerts for high-priority access risks, like out-of-date permissions to sensitive data.
  • Continuously monitor sensitive data activity patterns to right-size access.
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data detection and response

Identity access manager (IAM) II

Act on alerts quickly with full context and prioritization.

  • Identify risky data interactions with agentless, dynamic cloud environment monitoring.
  • Respond and remediate urgent issues immediately with near-real-time alerts.
  • Streamline alerts and response workflows by easily integrating with your security stack.
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malware prevention

Malware protection

Detect malware with automated cloud storage discovery and scanning.

  • Use the integrated WildFire® engine to seamlessly identify hidden malware in your data.
  • Simplify compliance by scanning data for malware to meet any requirements.
  • Manage all your cloud data risks from a single, comprehensive dashboard.
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