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As your cloud environment evolves, so does your data risk. The data security posture score is a simple way to see the current state of your cloud data security, track progress and gain insight into how your security posture is impacted by new data, new services and new workflows

Request guided trial access to Prisma® Cloud DSPM to:

  • See your score in less than 24 hours, based on a full scan of your cloud environment.
  • Understand how you compare to industry leaders.
  • Get actionable suggestions on how to increase your score (by improving your security).

Find out which data you have and where it’s at risk.

Automated data discovery and classification help you better understand how your business works with sensitive data. Scanning is done without the use of agents or live database connectors, and impact on production is negligible.

With full context into data at risk, you can prioritize misconfigurations and issues that need your attention right now.

Near-real time coverage with DDR.

Find out which assets can be monitored by Prisma Cloud’s Data Detection and Response (DDR) and identify gaps in your logging policies.

See what Prisma Cloud DSPM can do for your business.

Continue your evaluation independently to see the full power of Prisma Cloud DSPM — data flow monitoring, compliance mapping, data access governance and more.