Intelligent Network Security For All Your Environments
A new type of firewall—one with machine learning (ML) and analytics at its core, capable of proactively identifying new threats, devices, and more.
IoT Security For the first time ever, integrated IoT Security based on ML to detect and protect your unmangaged IoT and OT devices.
Unknown Threat Prevention With Inline ML Inline ML-based malware and phishing prevention to stop most unknown attacks.
Container Next-Generation Firewall ML-Powered NGFW for your Kubernetes container environment with CN-Series - another industry first.
Simplified Decryption Deploy and maintain TLS decryption with ease. Now with support for TLS 1.3 and up to 2X performance boost.
Complete Security for IoT Devices
The industry's only complete ML-based IoT Security product discovers and secures every unmanaged device in your network.

Get complete device visibility, risk-based policy recommendations, built-in enforcement and prevention — all without requiring additional infrastructure. Simply enable the IoT Security cloud-delivered subscription.
Prevent Unknown Threats with Inline ML
Traditional security requires signatures to Identify and prevent new variants of threats & new devices.

For the first time ever you have the ability to proactively stop new threats with in-line ML. This signatureless approach stops weaponized files, credential phishing, and malicious scripts in their tracks without compromising business productivity.
ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall for Kubernetes
More than 60% of organizations with large infrastructure have either adopted or are experimenting with containers and more than half of those environments use an orchestrator such as Kubernetes.

Containers need the same level of network security as other workloads to prevent advanced attacks. CN-Series deploys natively in Kubernetes, integrating ML-powered NGFW capabilities directly into containerized environments to protect mission-critical applications.
Full Visibility Into Encrypted Traffic
Nearly all enterprise traffic today is encrypted, and over 70% of malware uses encryption to conceal malicious activity and evade security measures.

We have been helping our customers decrypt traffic for the past 12 years. This release makes it even easier for you to deploy and maintain decryption. Secure traffic that uses protocols such as TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2 using purpose-built troubleshooting and visibility, mitigate security risks, and secure SaaS and public applications quickly and easily.
More Reasons to Choose PAN-OS 10.0
Real-Time Signature Streaming For unknown threats that cannot be prevented inline, WildFire delivers protections in real time after cloud analysis, offering zero-delay signature updates for rapid threat prevention.
SNORT Support Rapid protection for newly discovered vulnerabilities with UI and API support for SNORT and Suricata signatures.
Fastest Next-Generation Firewall The new Data Processing Card enables your process-intensive operations such as decryption to run with even better speed making the PA-7000 Series the undisputed, fastest Next-Generation Firewall available.
Simplified Security That Scales With Your Environment With High Availability (HA) Clustering you have the flexibility to easily scale the performance and capacity of your security to support your applications’ needs.
Automated Device Quarantine for Stronger Security GlobalProtect Device Quarantine reliably and automatically identifies compromised devices and restricts their network access to prevent other users and devices getting infected.
Flexible Monitoring for SaaS Applications Monitor and measure the end-to-end application health between your branches and SaaS application servers to provide better user experience.
70+ New Capabilities to Secure Your Organization Ready For a More Secure Computing Environment?
And Much More

In addition to the 70+ new features in PAN-OS 10.0 you also get access to the innovations introduced in previous releases, including features that offer secure SD-WAN for your branch offices, protect you from DNS-based attacks, and provide unmatched performance.

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