Stop breaches with complete visibility and coordinated response

Traditional security tools operate in silos, generating tons of alerts and letting attackers dwell undetected.

Siloed security tools inundate security teams with inaccurate, incomplete alerts. These tools force analysts to pivot from console to console to piece together investigative clues, resulting in painfully slow investigations and missed attacks.

Teams can’t detect attacks quickly without comprehensive data and analytics. Detecting hard-to-find threats requires appling behavioral analytics and AI across network, endpoint and cloud data.

All too often, security teams cannot remediate threats quickly because their SOC tools only support basic block lists or file quarantine. To stop fast-moving threats, teams must be able to sweep across endpoints and execute any response action.

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Our approach to threat detection and response


Find stealthy threats faster

If you can’t see a threat, you can’t fight it. Detect attacks anywhere in your environment by applying analytics and machine learning to comprehensive data from across your organization. Continual behavior profiling identifies anomalies and pinpoints stealthy and unknown threats with unmatched accuracy.
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Managed Threat Hunting
Host Insights


Speed investigation with automation

By integrating data from multiple sources, you can view the root cause of alerts from any source, accelerating investigations eighty eight percent. Intelligent alert grouping and alert deduplication simplify triage and reduce the experience required at every stage of security operations.
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Managed Threat Hunting
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Get the industry’s most flexible response options

Once you identify threats, you need to contain them quickly. With the right SecOps tool, you can integrate with endpoint, network and cloud enforcement points to stop the spread of malware, directly access endpoints with a live terminal, and sweep across your entire environment to eradicate threats.
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Managed Threat Hunting
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Increase Your ROI

Security leaders must balance defensive strategies with budget realities. They should select solutions that maximize security outcomes while controlling deployment, operating and tuning costs. Extended detection and response is the smart choice for stopping sophisticated attacks and maximizing efficiency.
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Managed Threat Hunting
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Our Products

Uplevel your threat detection and response


Unify your defenses, stop more threats

  • Stop malware with best-in-class prevention
  • Get unsurpassed MITRE ATT&CK detection
  • Speed investigations 88% with automation
  • Contain attacks quickly with coordinated response
  • Avoid alert fatigue and personnel turnover
  • Increase SOC productivity and ROI


Broaden your detection and response capabilities

Managed Threat Hunting

  • 24/7 monitoring by experts
  • Threat intelligence
  • Comprehensive Cortex XDR data
  • Unit 42 threat hunters
  • Detailed, actionable reports

Host Insights

  • Vulnerability management
  • Search and destroy
  • Host inventory
  • Full application visibility
  • Asset view for host analysis

Crypsis Incident Response

  • Fast deployment
  • Intelligent discovery
  • Deep investigations
  • Complete containment
  • Protection from future attacks

Why Choose Cortex XDR?

Ironclad protection with AI-driven local analysis
Signature-based security with minimal zero-day protection
Streamlined investigations with incident management
Slow, manual investigations involving multiple tools
Flexible response with scripting & direct endpoint access
Minimal response focused on block lists and quarantine
Cloud-delivered management to streamline operations
Complicated mix of cloud and on-premises management
Enterprise-wide security with extended detection & response
Siloed, endpoint-only protection

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