Get unprecedented container traffic control
Keep cloud native applications nimble and secure with the industry’s first ML-powered, next-generation firewall built specifically for Kubernetes environments. Immediately gain deep layer 7 visibility into container traffic and enforce threat prevention policies to protect allowed traffic across Kubernetes namespace boundaries. Palo Alto Networks CN-Series container firewalls make the most of native Kubernetes orchestration by integrating firewall deployment directly into your DevOps workflow--a single command is all it takes for simultaneous deployment on all nodes in a Kubernetes cluster.
Make Kubernetes network security constant and consistent
CN-Series container firewalls help network security teams safeguard developers by enabling threat prevention in Kubernetes environments.
Gain visibility and control CN-Series provides full layer 7 traffic visibility, including container source IP of outbound traffic--and detects and prevents threats sneaking into allowed traffic traveling between namespace boundaries.
Streamline DevOps security CN-Series firewalls offer frictionless deployment directly into DevOps workflows. YAML file configuration seamlessly establishes deployment as part of the overall Kubernetes orchestration process.
Boost overall security posture CN-Series firewalls enforce enterprise-level network security and threat protection in container traffic--and elevate the overall security posture by sharing Kubernetes contextual information with other Palo Alto Networks firewalls.
Reduce time and effort CN-Series use Panorama as a single console to manage all network security components and firewalls, whether physical, virtual or container form factors.
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