Connect and Secure Everything From a Single Platform
Explore various options to scale your remote access, giving you more control without compromising security.
On-Premises Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls support GlobalProtect, which provides an always-on secure VPN connection, enabling secure, direct access for mobile users. With full visibility and control of all application traffic, GlobalProtect prevents phishing and credential theft, protecting corporate data and sensitive information.
Rapid Expansion & Hybrid Solutions VM-Series virtual firewalls provide all the capabilities of the hardware-based Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls in a virtual machine form factor. VM-Series can be quickly deployed to increase remote access capacity in data centers. Unified management with Panorama simplifies deployment to provide mobile workforce security rapidly and at scale.
Cloud-Delivered Prisma Access is a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) that helps organizations enable secure remote workforces from the cloud by providing consistent security services. Based on a common cloud infrastructure, Prisma Access delivers protection from over 100+ locations around the world in 76 countries. Prisma Access dynamically scales to meet user throughput demands, helping ensure business continuity.
Our Commitment to our Customers
Palo Alto Networks is here to help with your rapid deployment needs to enable and secure your mobile workforce. We are happy to offer the following to both existing and future customers:
New Customers - Free Deployment Services As a cloud native platform, Prisma Access can automatically scale to meet the demand of mobile users to provide consistent connectivity and security to applications and data on premise or in the cloud. We are offering QuickStart Professional Services at no cost to rapidly onboard new customers to Prisma Access. This will help accelerate onboarding and setup of the service and instantly add remote access capacity.
Existing Customers - Free Additional Licensing If you are already using Prisma Access, and have a need to quickly onboard additional remote users, we will support additional licensing for mobile users to cover any unanticipated spikes at no cost for 90 days.
GlobalProtect Free Trial Every Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall is designed to support always-on secure access with GlobalProtect. We are extending our GlobalProtect Subscription trial to 90-days at no cost, to enable instant remote access capacity on existing infrastructure, available both on Next-Generation Firewall hardware and VM-series for our existing customers.
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Next-Generation Firewalls No-compromise security and high-performance versatility for data centers and service providers.
Prisma Access Get consistent security for all your users as they access the cloud from anywhere in the world with Prisma™ Access.
GlobalProtect Protection for mobile workforces using an on-premises next-generation firewall.
VM-Series Leverage agile, inline network security and threat prevention to consistently protect public and private clouds, virtualized data centers and branch locations.
Security Subscriptions Our security subscriptions are natively integrated with our Next-Generation Firewalls to provide comprehensive security that’s automated and driven by analytics.